IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Morley® Collection

IK Multimedia Releases AmpliTube Morley® Collection

IK Multimedia has released the AmpliTube Morley® Collection, bringing to AmpliTube 5 three officially certified classic and rare stompbox effects from the pioneers of effects pedals. Over the years, the Morley company has produced innovative wah-wahs, volume pedals, phasers and delays used by a wide range of musicians, including Steve Vai, Cliff Burton, David Gilmour, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Jerry Garcia and Lee Ritenour.

Get More with Morley
AmpliTube Morley Collection features three of their most groundbreaking stompbox designs including the much sought-after EVO-1, which uses an electro-static delay apparatus famously called the Oil Can Delay. Each effect captures perfectly the original’s unique tone-shaping design with some added new features approved by Morley in the case of the EVO-1.

Morley EVO-1 “Oil Can Delay”
The Morley EVO-1 is a rare and highly coveted effect pedal that was released in the early ’70s. It uses a patented electro-static delay technology to create a warm, warbly sound that is unlike any other delay pedal. Perfectly recaptured by IK’s design team and sound-certified by Morley, users get all of the hardware’s sonic idiosyncrasies and unpredictability along with new tone-shaping controls over Disk Noise, Disk Erase and delay BPM.

Morley Power Wah Fuzz
The Morley Power Wah Fuzz is another classic effects pedal released in the ’70s that combines a wah and a fuzz effect into one unit. Using the latest modeling technologies IK has faithfully recreated the warmth and saturated tone of the original MPSA12 transistor. Even the wide frequency range of the optical sensor (the first of its kind) was modeled to deliver a variety of sounds from subtle to extreme.

Morley Contour Wah Pedal
The Morley Contour Wah Pedal Model is an electro-optical wah pedal that was first released in 1996. The AmpliTube version offers the same wide frequency range and a variable Q control for precisely shaping the wah sound. Like the original, the virtual pedal has a Contour mode for sweeping filter effects that along with the Level control can fine-tune the high-end response and personality of the pedal from mellow to bright and cutting.

Pricing and Availability
AmpliTube Morley Collection is available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide for $/€49.99.* Morley Pedals may also be purchased individually for $/€24.99 each.

Special Offer
AmpliTube Morley Collection will be included with new purchases of AmpliTube 5 MAX v2and Total Studio 4 MAX through July 31.

*Pricing excludes taxes.

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