Gibson Announces Dave Mustaine Strap and Strings Collection

Gibson Announces Dave Mustaine Strap and Strings Collection

As it celebrates 130 years of music history, Gibson, the iconic global instrument brand, is proud to announce its partnership with Dave Mustaine–the legendary guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and founder of the multi-platinum-selling and GRAMMY® Award-winning band MEGADETH, with the addition of the newly released Dave Mustaine Strap and Strings Collection. The Gibson Dave Mustaine Strap and Strings Collection is available worldwide at authorised Gibson dealers and on

Dave Mustaine worked closely with Gibson to create a string set with the features and specifications that bring out the best in his signature Gibson electric guitars. His new Gibson Dave Mustaine Signature String Set delivers the powerful, heavy sound and exceptional playing performance that he requires. These are the strings that Mustaine uses on all of the electric guitars that he plays on tour because they’re the loudest, best-performing strings he’s ever used. All Dave Mustaine strings are made in the USA with nickel-plated steel, a reinforced carbon core for exceptional tone, sustain, and durability, and have alternating black and green ball ends for easy identification when restringing. Dave Mustaine strings are available in Mustaine’s preferred gauges: .010, 013, .017, .030, .042, and .052.

The new Gibson-exclusive Dave Mustaine Strap was created specifically for Mustaine and his arsenal of Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer guitars. This Dave Mustaine Strap arrives in high-quality, full-grain black leather and is embossed with Vic Rattlehead artwork and Dave Mustaine’s “Silhouette” icon, it is widely adjustable from 44″ – 65″.

Explore the full Dave Mustaine Collection of guitars across Gibson, Epiphone, and Kramer


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