Laney Release The LFR-412 – The World’s Most Powerful FRFR Guitar Cabinet

Laney Release The LFR-412 – The World’s Most Powerful FRFR Guitar Cabinet

Following the huge success of our LFR-112 and LFR-212 powered cabinets, Laney now offer up the world’s first 4×12 dedicated FRFR guitar cabinet. The LFR-412.

Laney are the first amplifier brand to develop a REAL solution for players using a digital rig. As that market has grown, so to has the LFR’s reputation as the market leader in powered full range, flat response (FRFR) guitar cabinets.

The 4×12 has always been the Guitarist’s choice format, there is just something about the iconic look and the feel of the movement of air as it is driven out towards an audience. We wanted to give today’s players the chance to really experience that, even when using their modellers.

At 2600 Watts and producing SPL levels of 139dB, the LFR-412 is the world’s most powerful, dedicated FRFR cabinet. Designed in collaboration with Devin Townsend, the LFR-412 features LA⋅IR – Laney Advance Impulse Response technology – that uses 56bit FIR filters to provide stunning cabinet emulation. The USB connectivity allows players to load their own IRs, if they so wish, and an intuitive app allows for further adjustment. Housing the IR in the cabinet frees up much needed processing power within the player’s digital rig, allowing for even greater creativity and reliability. A host of IRs provided by our artists, will all be available for free via the LA⋅IR -LFR App.


Our ever-expanding LFR artist family includes, Jack Gardiner, Andy James, LI-SA X, Martin Miller Devin Townsend and Guthrie Govan. Devin worked closely with our UK design team to ensure that the LFR-412 would meet the needs of even the most demanding touring guitarist and he’s so proud of the end result, stating “I truly believe it’s a game changer”.

Our UK design team commissioned our expert partners at HH Acoustics to design the stunning HH BLACK SERIES professional 12” woofers, to accompany the LaVoce compression driver. This elegant and powerful suite of drivers ensure that the LFR-412’s deliver the breadth of guitar tones that are possible from modern modellers, whilst offering unparalleled, ultra low noise even at full volume.


The LFR-412 joins a range of LFR powered cabinets that all feature tailor-made drivers, designed and engineered by HH Acoustics to deliver power and precision and, importantly, response that ensures that the player feels like they have a REAL guitar cabinet by their side. With over 50 years experience in amplification design and delivery, Laney understands the thrill of feeling the air move, the interaction between player, amp and cabinet, the feeling that only Laney LFRs deliver.

All of our new products (inc the LFR-412) will be on display at NAMM 2024. For more info, visit:

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