“This opportunity sounded too inspiring for us not to explore”: Two-Rock acquires Divided by 13

“This opportunity sounded too inspiring for us not to explore”: Two-Rock acquires Divided by 13

Boutique amplification company Divided by 13 has been acquired by Two-Rock.
Announcing the news via social media at the weekend, Two-Rock owner and CEO Eli Lester stated: “As of Jan 1st 2024 Mac & I have purchased Divided by 13 Amplifiers.”

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“Divided By 13 has always been an iconic brand and Fred has always been one of our favourite builders. We couldn’t be more excited to be stewards of the brand and build amplifiers that are completely different from Two-Rock, but also complement each other nicely.”
“We did not seek out or plan on owning two brands, but this opportunity sounded too inspiring for us not to explore,” the statement read. “We have become good friends with Fred Taccone and when he started talking to us about retiring and selling his company, we started to entertain the idea. Divided by Thirteen gives us the opportunity to expand on our love for modern performance married to classic styling, with the British & American style circuits that Fred has spent decades perfecting.”
“We will be building everything in our existing Two-Rock shop in Northern California. We have spent the last six months gearing up for this acquisition and have allocated personnel to avoid any slow down with current Two-Rock production and allow us to build Divided by Thirteen simultaneously. We will be focusing on six core models: FTR 37, AMW 39, BTR 23, JRT 9/15, CCC 9/15 and CJ 11.”
According to Two-Rock, production of the amps will begin shortly after January’s NAMM show, with Lester assuring fans that “We will still hand build every amp one at a time with the highest build quality and components that you have come to expect from us.”
Thanking everyone for their support of Divided by Thirteen over the last 23 years, founder and owner Fred Taccone said: “I have gotten to the point in my life that I would like to retire and enjoy my free time. I have spoken to several companies over the years about purchasing the brand but none of them were the right fit.”
“When I met Eli and Mac from Two-Rock it was a clear choice that they were the right guys that could build the amps to the quality that I would want to see. They have turned into family and frankly I think they will build the amps to higher standards than they ever have been built to before. I have the upmost faith and trust in Two-Rock and look forward to seeing the future live on with Divided by Thirteen.”

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