Latest Nembrini Plugin – Cali Axis

Latest Nembrini Plugin – Cali Axis

Nembrini Audio is delighted to introduce the Cali Axis guitar amplifier plugin, an arsenal of the most powerful guitar tones. Listen to it here.

Based on the renowned Mesa Boogie TriAxis* preamplifier, the new Cali Axis plugin dishes up plenty of vintage Boogie tone; great for searing solos, fabulous fluty leads, prog metal rhythms and bluesy jams. The plugin delivers the elusive creamy gains of the MKI, the tighter, more focused sound of the MKII and the scooped rhythm of the MKIV. John Petrucci and both James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of the Metallica used this legendary preamplifier.

Power amplifier powered by four EL34 virtual tubes, with presence, resonance, volume and power, the Cali Axis plugin puts the classic sounds of the Mesa Boogie amp at the fingertips of all guitarists. The plugin also extends the possibilities of the original hardware: It offers users six exciting guitar effects, six carefully selected cabinet emulations, four of the best mic emulations with selectable positions and a powerful impulse loader which enables users to load their favourite IRs. Cali Axis is compatible with Intel, Apple Silicon CPU 1GB RAM, MAC OS 10.9 or newer, Windows 7 or newer and 64-bit DAW.

The new Cali Axis plugin is available at a special introductory prices of $29.99 (regular price $137) for the desktop version and $9.99 (regular price $19.99) for iOS.

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About Nembrini Audio
Nembrini Audio was borne out of the extensive experience of founding namesake Igor Nembrini, with over 10 years of involvement in creating many of the greatest guitar amp plug-ins on the market to his notable name. Needless to say, the company’s exacting emulations always start by perfecting digital reproduction of analogue circuits before being finely tuned by ear to remain true to the original sound. Saying that, it is specialised in the digital reproduction of analogue saturation circuits, whereby the dynamic behaviour of each individual component is carefully modelled and tuned by ear to always achieve the most musical and creamy saturation in the digital world! With that in mind, it does not simply produce musical software but rather musical instruments suitable for every modern musician in search of uncompromising quality — products that work well in any setting and situation to let the creativity of musicians, producers, and mixing engineers flow forth for all to hear!

The post Latest Nembrini Plugin – Cali Axis first appeared on Music Instrument News.

The post Latest Nembrini Plugin – Cali Axis appeared first on Music Instrument News.

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