Lewitt offers high price/performance ratio with home studio mics

Lewitt offers high price/performance ratio with home studio mics

Austria’s Lewitt is set to unveil affordable condenser microphones which will take the highly respected mic manufacturer into the heart of home recording market.

Dubbed the LCT 040 MATCH and LCT 140 AIR, though no UK prices were being quoted ahead of the show, the US price for the LCT 040 MATCH is just $99. Lewitt says it ‘…offers the definition and pinpoint accuracy for which the celebrated LCT range is known, but with a new stripped-back, ergonomic design for maximum positioning flexibility even in the most restricted spaces. Inside the compact and sturdy metal housing, the custom-designed capsule is optimised with instant transient response for the natural qualities of acoustic instruments; ranging from acoustic guitars to drums and strings, every moment is captured in fine, crisp detail, with pleasant high-end’.

Delivering the same performance and functionality, the LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair retails for just $189 in the USA. Lewitt says: ‘To guarantee flawless matching, LEWITT is using a custom-developed process which extensively analyses the microphones and couples those exhibiting identical behaviour. This introduces new possibilities for studios striving to achieve the best possible stereo recordings of drum overheads, acoustic guitars or even choirs for a price not normally associated with this degree of precision’.

Finally, the new LCT 140 AIR’s list of features, includes: ‘exceptional off-axis sound suppression, pre-attenuation and low-cut filter, the SOUND toggle allows users to switch between a linear response or a nuanced, ‘airy’ mode for open, more characterful recordings’. The LCT 140 AIR will debut at $149.

Info: www.lewitt-audio.com

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