Peterson to launch StroboStomp HD

Peterson to launch StroboStomp HD

Tuning doyens Peterson will be showing a brand new tuner pedal at Winter NAMM – the StroboStomp HD.

Immediately impressive is the large LCD display screen which incorporates a variable colour LED backlight. The user-selectable colours can be used to personalise the tuner or to increase display viewing quality in different levels of ambient lighting, depending on the usage environment. The vibrant screen colours can also be assigned to stock or user presets to significantly reduce menu navigation time and increase on-stage tuning confidence at the gig, Peterson says.

For tone purists, the StroboStomp HD provides a 100% silent, true-bypass operation mode and also includes a buffered output operation mode that can be user engaged. The buffered mode can be used in or out of monitor mode. It is designed to boost instrument drive to overcome potential tone loss in signal chains that incorporate multiple low-impedance guitar pedals or utilise long cable runs.


Featuring over 100 exclusive Sweetened Tunings, the StroboStomp HD also contains numbered guided tuning presets for a large variety of instruments and playing styles. Sweetened Tunings are exclusive to Peterson and are designed to help correct inherent tuning issues exhibited by many instruments. The StroboStomp also offers a ‘Guided Tunings’ mode which allows the pedal to display string values instead of traditional note names making for intuitive and rapid re-tuning to open and alternative tunings. Peterson explains that the Guided Tuning mode was introduced for beginners who want to experiment with popular alternate tunings, however it is also useful for experienced players who employ multiple tunings in rapid succession. Numerically expressed scales are also included.

The StroboStomp is also customisable and upgradeable via downloads.

The UK RRP is to be £119


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