Radial introduces Texas Pro

Radial introduces Texas Pro

Radial’s barrage of new products continues with the launch of the Texas-Pro, an overdrive/clean booster.

The Texas-Pro boasts Radial’s Class-A buffering circuit, which the company says ‘…retains the natural feel and responsiveness of the guitar, while also allowing it to drive multiple pedals and longer cable runs with ease.’ The Overdrive features individual controls for Drive, output Level, and Tone, so users can dial in the settings that best match their guitar and amp. A three-position Range switch allows users to select the style of overdrive, from warm vintage tones, to a modern rock style or aggressive over-the-top saturation.

The overdrive is complemented by a separate Boost circuit capable of adding +22dB of clean gain.

No UK price has yet been announced but the MAP is the USA will be $169.

Info: www.radialeng.com

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