RockBoard module MOD 5 now available

RockBoard module MOD 5 now available

The RockBoard module MOD 5, presented at the Winter NAMM 2019, is now available. “This module is unique on the market and offers features that almost every ambitious guitarist has been waiting for at a very reasonable price,” claims Rockboard.

The MOD 5 can be easily mounted on all new RockBoards with MOD slot, as well as on most pedalboards from third party manufacturers. The RockBoard® MOD 5 Cab SIM + DI Patchbay offers customizable IR-based stereo speaker cabinet simulation, an active DI box
as well as a simple solution to organize all the connections to and from your effects setup. Whether you are using a RockBoard® or any other brand pedalboard – the MOD 5 will open completely new possibilities. The speaker cab simulation & DI let‘s you go direct providing YOUR sound whatever backline is being provided at the venue you‘re playing. If guitarists want to use their favorite cab, users can load an impulse response of its sound into the MOD 5 and you have it with you wherever you go. The patchbay part is designed to route connections from underneath your pedalboard to its front in order to give you a central access point to your setup and tidy up your connections. For silent and on the road practicing the MOD 5 also provides a headphone amplifier with adjustable output volume.
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