TC backtracks over its TonePrint climb down

TC backtracks over its TonePrint climb down

TC Electronic has backtracked once again in the row over the name of one of its TonePrints. The Danish FX company had been the focus of a social media feeding frenzy triggered by guitarist Jessica Fennelly, who shot to momentary fame by launching an ‘iPetition’ aimed at forcing TC to drop the ‘Pussy Melter’ Flashback Delay TonePrint it had developed with Glam Rock metal guitarist Satchel from the ‘comedy’ band Steel Panther.

In her petition, Fennelly wrote: ‘As a Female Guitarist, I’m shocked by the poor marketing decisions found on TC Electronics website for their signature sound from “Satchel” offensively named the “Pussy Melter”. There is an entire page dedicated to this sound.’

TC reacted a fortnight ago, as the social media crusade rampaged and Fennelly’s support seemed to grow, withdrawing the TonePrint and apologising for the offence it had caused.

Predictably, a backlash ensued, with Steel Panther fans demanding access to the now non-TonePrint.

Yesterday, TC decided to re-release the offending app under a new name, saying: ‘After significant public pressure from Steel Panther fans around the world we decided to re-release Satchel’s original TonePrint under a new name. At first, we asked the guitarist himself to come up with a less dangerous description for his signature sound, but quite frankly that was like asking a shark to behave like a tuna fish. If danger is in your blood, then there’s not a whole lot to be done about it.

‘Therefore, after 10 days of furious email correspondence, late night phone calls and countless suggestions from Satchel, all of which were even more offensive than the original, we decided that a simple homage to the artist himself was the way to go. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we present to you a fitting tonal tribute to the artist known as Satchel: the original “Repeat Offender.”’

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