TC Electronic Introduces New Ditto Jam X2 Looper

Introduces New Ditto Jam X2

TC Electronic Ditto Jam Looper X2

TC Electronic has introduced its new Ditto Jam X2 looper.

Featuring the BeatSense algorithm, the Ditto Jam X2 synchronizes with a band’s rhythmic elements to keep the loop track from drifting by listening to a band’s rhythm section with built-in microphones. This gives guitarists the ability to improvise loops organically, while keeping them tight in a live context.

With the Ditto Jam X2’s practice mode, guitarists can use the BeatSense algorithm to stretch a loop track or squeeze it shorter without compromising sound quality.

The looper also features two on-board mics and a clip-on mic, a dedicated Stop switch and toggle between Rec-Dub-Play and Rec-Play-Dub.

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