Tramaine Unveils New LP, 'Heavy Balance'

Tramaine Unveils New LP, 'Heavy Balance'

Shredder extraordinaire Tramaine has released his new LP, Heavy Balance. Check out the album preview above. 

Produced by Tramaine along with co-producer Alex Argento (Icefish), Heavy Balance covers a wide-range of genres, yet is cleverly molded and arranged into a unique set of heaviness and musical precision. The album includes intense new-wave grooves and ethereal ballads, inspiring progressive anthems and blistering heavy metal, along with Tramaine’s frenetic shredding.

“With Heavy Balance, my goal was to completely divert from how ‘guitar albums’ go nowadays,” Tramaine said. “I also wanted to approach the 8-string guitar from a different angle, even taking things back to a more classic style of metal and rock—only lifted to the standards of modern players as far as technicality, with my own interpretation of what I want to hear as a musician and a lover of music.”

The album boasts the track “Blue Dawn” featuring Marco Sfogli, current guitarist for James Laurie and the supergroup Icefish. Sfogli commented, “Tramaine has a unique voice on the guitar and I can tell you he’s spent hours and hours on the instrument. I did know him as a guitarist…what I didn’t know is that he could write catchy and modern songs! Heavy Balance is one of my favorite solo discs of the year, and it will blow your mind, both heavy and melodic.”

The man behind the crystalline sonic quality of the album, Alex Argento, has captured perfectly what the project is about. Argento said, “I’ve really enjoyed working on this album. The songs are catchy, solid as a rock, and Tramaine’s playing is top-notch. I love the freshness of the compositions. I think Tramaine is a complete musician in every aspect and I’m 100% sure he will get the right recognition he deserves. Can’t wait to work on the next one!”

Heavy Balance is available to purchase or stream now on all major digital platforms such as iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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