Winter NAMM 2019 Roundup: Fender

Winter NAMM 2019 Roundup: Fender

If you had been asked to bet beforehand which company would make the most new product announcements at NAMM this year your money would have been safe if you’d opted for Fender, the MI behemoth which unfailingly launches an avalanche of new products every year.

MIN has already covered the hybrid Acoustasonic and the hugely expensive Jimmy Page replica Telecasters, but what of the rest? Well, where to start – Fender guitars? Squiers, effects, amps, accessories? And what about Fender’s sub-brands like Grestsch, EVH and Jackson? All had new products and in some cases a great number of them.

On the grounds that Fender is still best known for its iconic guitars, kicking off with those probably makes sense, so the curious visitor would have found the American Performer series with the new Yosemite single-coil pickups and a DoubleTap humbucking pickup, the Rarities Series – featuring limited-edition, upscale, boutique-style models with high-end finishes and unique woods – and the Alternate Reality Series with which experiments with time travel, cleverly playing aorund with ‘what if’ ideas involving past models given new ideas. These will include a new electric 12-string (RRP £859) and a four string Tenor Tele (£429).

Pedal lovers will welcome six new Fender models comprisng: Bubbler Chorus, Lost Highway Phaser, MTG Tube Distortion, Downtown Express, Tre-Verb, and The Pinwheel. Priced from £119.00 to £199.00.

Back among the guitars, Fender has refreshed its Squier Classic Vibe range with a series of 12 decade specific Strats, Teles. Jazzmasters and the like. Prices (RRP) between £459 and £439.

For amps, newcomers included the Mustang LT25, the Bassbreaker 30R, Rumble 800HD and the Rumble LT25, a practice amp for bass players. These models join the Fender ’62 Princeton Chris Stapleton Edition Artist Signature Series amplifier scheduled for release in February.

On the acoustic front, most attention went to the already covered Acoustasonic, but also worth a note was news that Fender’s California Series acoustic guitars now includes six additional colours, including: Satin Slate, Satin Bronze, Satin Olive, Satin Ice Blue, Satin Midnight and Satin Burgundy.

Now all you have to decide is which to stock!


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