BoomTisch Announces New Compact Drum Kit

BoomTisch Announces New Compact Drum Kit

It’s official, Boom Instruments proudly presents the new kid on the block where it comes to “compactness and super sound”; The BoomTisch.

According to technical director Jeroen Wit who is responsible for the build: “We’ve reached a new milestone in acoustic drumming”.

We are very proud of the launch. With this concept of the BoomTisch, we have set the next step on micro kits and compact drum kits.
It’s (the BoomTisch) complete handmade and utilizes the best hardware parts available. The design of the BoomTisch gives its unique drum sound which can be really punchy.

Furthermore, one can, with help of the online Configurator, assemble your own setup, which is quite unique.
CEO Margriet Bonda: “the future will be different. We will spend more time at home. Drumming at home can be a challenge, setting up your 6 square meter drumkit in the living room won’t be appreciated by every member of the household. The BoomTisch can be set up in your living room at nearly 1 square meter.

We are working on a cabinet to store the BoomTisch after playing. So it’s easily hidden and the living room doesn’t look any different from before”.

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