D’Addario Accessories launches “MINI Care” bottles

D’Addario Accessories launches “MINI Care” bottles

D’Addario Accessories is launching its best selling range of polishes in mini sized bottles suitable for use on the road. Restore, Protect, Shine, and Hydrate are all available as follows.

Restore 1oz. (01) – ‘A rich formula designed to cut through the toughest grime and minor scratches’.

RRP £4.85

Protect 1oz. (02) – ‘A natural protectant that combines premium-quality Brazilian carnauba and advanced chemistry to add a layer of protection and shine to your instrument’.
RRP £4.85

Shine 2oz. (03) – ‘A spray cleaner and maintainer that keeps your finish looking like new every day by erasing dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections while colour enhancers bring out your instrument’s beauty’.
RRP £4.85

Hydrate 1oz. – ‘A unique formula of oils and cleaners restores the character of dark natural wood
fingerboards, leaving a clean, fast, and glowing surface’.
RRP £4.00

The D’Addario Mini Care Bottles will be available in April from D’Addario UK.

Info: www.daddario.com

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