Drummer’s Choice launches!

Drummer’s Choice launches!

Drummer’s Choice the video-led free online magazine for drummers and percussionists has now launched!
Published by Gold Media and Events (also owners of Music Instrument News and The UK Drum Show) Drummer’s Choice offers visitors to its website and YouTube Channel ultra high quality audio and video impartial reviews of the latest drum gear, to a standard not seen before in online publications.
Presented by Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood and product demonstrator Nick Carter, Drummer’s Choice stresses that its reviews are completely impartial and unaffected by commercial or marketing considerations.
‘Every review that appears on Drummer’s Choice is filmed and recorded in exactly the same way at Middle Farm Studios. There’s no enhancing use of EQ, effects, etc. Our mission is simply to consistently present to you what we hear in the room, and share our observations that may help you when choosing your next kit, snare, or set of cymbals,’ the team says,
Gold Media says Adam ‘Nolly’ Getgood is a widely respected producer and musician, tasked with engineering and presenting the Drummer’s Choice review videos. ‘Known for getting the very best sound out of a drum kit, he regularly works with world class drummers in the world of rock and metal, and notably has produced, engineered and mixed for bands such as Devin Townsend Project, Periphery, Architects, Cynic, He Is Legend and many others, as well as for mixing commercial content for Meinl and Pro Mark.
‘Demonstrator, Nick Carter, is a professional drummer of over 20 years experience who brings a wealth of experience to Drummer’s Choice. Previously Editor of Drummer magazine, Nick has played with a host of high-profile artists so perfectly combines editorial experience and product knowledge with an understanding of what drummers need from their gear.
‘The final key member of the Drummer’s Choice team is Josefa ‘Pepa’ Torres, a Chilean born professional videographer who has a long history of working with musicians and the music industry to create photo and video content of the highest quality. Specialising in documentary work and product videos, Pepa loves figuring out how to capture the gear we review in the best light’.

Video reviews in Drummer’s Choice are free and arranged by appointment. News is also welcomed and should be sent to neil@drummerschoice.co.uk or contact Neil Golding on +44(0) 1271 861 571 for further information neil@drummerschoice.co.uk

Drummers Choice is free online now at www.drummerschoice.co.uk

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