Fuzzrocious tweaks the cat’s tail

Fuzzrocious tweaks the cat’s tail

Fuzzrocious has tweaked the circuitry of its Cat Tail pedal resulting in a tone which, to quote UK distributor HTD makes: ‘a clean amp dirty and a dirty amp disgusting’.

With the addition of a diode toggle ‘for extra tweakability for clipping options’, Fuzzrocious has added to the modifications the Beavis double resistor mod (Clipping 1 and 2 pots) to allow the user to subtly fine tune how the signal clips on the highs and lows.

The Cat Tail is also available with the following, additional, optional mods (including the new Octave Jawn);

FEEDBACK MOD – via a momentary or latching footswitch connected to a feedback pot, one can feed the signal back upon itself for oscillation/feedback/nois (sic).

KILLSWITCH MOD – via a momentary footswitch, one can mute the sound passing through the pedal. Hit it rhythmically to a tempo or sporadically.

2nd DISTORTION MOD – via a latching footswitch, one can switch back and forth between two (2) distortion pots. ‘Think of it like having two distortion presets and using a footswitch to move back and forth between the two’.

OCTAVE JAWN MOD – a polyphonic, digital, fast-tracking octaver.  Featuring 2 extra knobs: 1 mixes your clean and octaved signal and the other does full octave down at counterclockwise, full octave up at clockwise and a mix of octave down and up at noon.

The RRP is £209.99.

Info: www.htd-uk.com

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