Haaave you met… the new D’Addario NY XL strings?

Haaave you met… the new D’Addario NY XL strings?

You haven’t?! Well, we definitely cannot tolerate this kind of ignorance, can we? That’s why Stef, our very own product specialist, can’t wait to introduce this new series to all those string-lovers out there. Ready? Set? String (along)!


Pleased to meet you, my stringy friend!

D’Addario has worked for a very long time on the development of these bad boys. With them arrives a new type of string that’ll break less easily and stay in tune far better than any other string on the market.


Next to this, these beauties will also provide a 30% higher output on your electric guitar. These are absolutely, without any doubt, the next level guitar strings on the market today for every string-addict out there.


What are you waiting for? Come and check ‘m out for yourself!


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Source: www.algambenelux.be