Haaave you met… the MXR 236?

Haaave you met… the MXR 236?

No? Well, that’s too bad – and absolutely not done, in our (not so) humble opinion. That’s why Stef, our very own product specialist, can’t wait to introduce this super badass variac fuzz to all the fuzz-lovers out there. Ready? Set? Fuzz!


Well, hello there, you little fuzz-maker!

This champ has the same controls as a regular fuzz pedal, except this one has a really – really – no, guys, seriously, really – cool feature, which basically allows you to drop your signal from 15V output, all the way down to 5V output. What this means, exactly (besides the very obvious awesomeness of it all)?


Well, when you turn the dial all the way to the right, to 15V, you’ll end up with a very thick and aggressive fuzz sound. When you turn it back to 5V, you’ll get that typical compressed sound, which resembles the sound of a fuzz pedal wit
h an empty battery: a devilish, squishy and kinda (artsy) broken sound.


So cool. So very cool, you guys. So. Cool.



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Source: www.algambenelux.be