NAMM 2018: Paiste

NAMM 2018: Paiste

Swiss cymbal specialist Paiste has a host of new products on show at this year’s NAMM.

Paiste’s newcomers are led by the new Masters models Extra Thin & Dark Splash, plus the Dark Crash Ride in a new 22″ size. Physically and acoustically, the 18″, 19″ and 20″ Extra Thins are characterised by particular subtlety, the maker says. ‘Inspired by iconic studio master Jim Keltner’s ideas for sound and function, Paiste’s Sound Development created a warm, soft crash that unobtrusively and discreetly embeds itself in soft musical situations.

‘Moreover, the swift decay supports even delicate ride playing. The Extra Thins feel incomparably soft. Their sensitive response allows hand playing and wonderful crescendos with mallets’.

Also new are the Masters models Dry Ride & Extra Dry Ride. Paiste says: ‘The new models fulfil the desire of many drummers for ride cymbals with absolute control that preserve full musical sound and harmonic atmosphere.

‘The 20″, 21″ and 22″ Dry Rides are easily controlled cymbals with short harmonic decay that always stays articulated even with delicate, fast figures. The rapidly responsive stick sound is supported by a dry, dark, warm wash. The matted shimmer of the darkish surface suitably expresses the charismatic sound of these cymbals with a corresponding look.

The 20″, 21″ and 22″ Extra Dry Rides deliver a sound even drier and propels the stick sound further into the foreground, Paiste adds.

Paiste will also be announcing the launch of the PSTX Cajon & Cajon Hats models.

Paiste PSTX Splash

‘With the new PSTX series Cajon cymbals, the popular crate drum, «Cajón», transforms into a complete drum kit. PSTX Cajon cymbals were developed to match the typical sound characteristics of the Cajón, and are well playable with hands, rods, brushes or light sticks.

‘Due to a thin top, PSTX 12″ Cajon Hats respond rapidly and accentuate each beat with a bright, dry sound and clear definition. The heavy bottom cymbal yields a crisp, clear chick. This Hi-Hat not only satisfies the needs of Cajón players and percussionists, but also works for drummers as an auxiliary Hi-Hat.

‘The PSTX 16″ Cajon is a multifunctional cymbal that reveals its strengths particularly with accents, as it responds quickly with an explosive, somewhat dirty crash sound that fades swiftly.

‘The inner area of the surface features the characteristic PSTX style hole pattern of varying diameters, while the outer area does not, to ensure comfortable hand playing and to facilitate soft ride patterns with brushes or rods’.

PSTX models 10″/8″ and 12″/10″ Splash Stacks as well as the 20″ Swiss Medium Crash, will also be making a debut at the show, described by their maker as: ‘Small, sharp and nasty: the 10″/8″ and 12″/10″ Splash Stacks enrich the sound arsenal for drummers and percussionists with short, biting accents.’

Splash Stacks also function well as a noisy X-Hat. The 20″ PSTX Swiss Medium Crash complements the PSTX series with an exotic trashy crash of medium weight for more volume and added attack.

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