Orange’s Cliff Cooper in Strawberry Field Campaign

Orange’s Cliff Cooper in Strawberry Field Campaign

Cliff Cooper, CEO and founder of Orange Amplification, has just been appointed an Honorary Patron of the Strawberry Field Salvation Army campaign. This charitable cause aims to re-open the fields, reconstruct and extend the original buildings of the children’s home where John Lennon played as a child and then immortalised in the Beatles song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’.

At Strawberry Field the Salvation Army would like to build a hub that offers training, skills and valuable work placements including music tuition, providing real employment prospects to young people with learning disabilities. It also hopes to open the well-known gates of Strawberry Field to the public for the first time. ‘The tranquil gardens will emphasize the qualities of “Peace and Love”. Strawberry field will also feature a new exhibition dedicated to the history of Strawberry Field, the song and Lennon’s early life’.

Orange says: ‘Cliff Cooper has a lifetime passion for the music of the Beatles and a lifelong respect for the Salvation Army who helped and supported his father when returning home after serving four years in France during the First World War. “I am delighted to be involved with a project which is very close to my heart. Orange and I will be announcing exciting news about how we will be backing the Strawberry Field redevelopment in January.’ Cliff will work alongside Lady Judy Martin OBE, widow of the legendary Beatles producer George Martin’.

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