Review – Drum Sound Enhancer Accessories

Review – Drum Sound Enhancer Accessories

Here’s the latest video from our sister site Drummer’s Review featuring a round-up of a selection of sound enhancer accessories from Latin Percussion (LP), Rim Riser, Oruga Percussion, Mr Muff and Big Fat Snare Drum

Latin Percussion (LP):

Raw Sound Enhancer Jingles – £17.10

Raw Sound Enhancer Shaker – £20.90

Raw Sound Enhancer Snare – £18.30

Oruga Percussion:

Small Sleigh Bells – £22.99

Medium Jingles – £32.99

Distro Chain Effect – £22.99

Big Fat Snare Drum:

14″ Donut – £30.00

14″ Snarebourine – £44.00

Mr Muff:

Mini Muff – £18.99

Rim Riser:

Steel Triple Flanged Cross Stick Enhancer – £16.99

30-ply Maple Cross Stick Enhancer – £49.99

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