Review – Istanbul Agop XIST Cymbals

Review – Istanbul Agop XIST Cymbals

Here’s the latest review from the team over at our sister-site Drummer’s Review featuring a selection of Istanbul Agop XIST cymbals, featuring…

  • 14″ Hats,
  • 20″ Ride,
  • 18″ Crash,
  • 16″ Crash,
  • B20 Bronze Alloy Construction,
  • Soft Carry Bag Included.

Istanbul Agop XIST
Istanbul Agop XIST

Istanbul Agop Says…“Modern production techniques combined with traditional by hand cymbal-making processes bring drummers a diverse selection of sounds from classic to innovative and distinctly modern designs to cover every style of music.”

Find out the team’s thoughts in the video above!!

Istanbul Agop XIST Cymbals – UK RRP: £650.00

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