Seymour Duncan debuts Silver Lake Reverb

Seymour Duncan debuts Silver Lake Reverb

Launched on 2nd April, Seymour Duncan’s latest addition to its growing range of effects pedals is the Silver Lake Reverb.

Billed as as ‘powerhouse reverb workstation’, rather than a mere reverb pedal, the Silver Lake features a collection of eight reverb algorithms, a powerful set of tone shaping options, and Seymour Duncan’s Dynamic Expression control.

In addition to the usual classic room, vintage spring sounds, or plates and hall reverbs, the Silver Lake offers special effect modes like Shimmer, Swell, Gated and Delay/Verb allowing users access to less usual effects from stage effect.

Once selected, users can further modify the basic effect with the Damp knob (to darken the tone of the reverb), the Grit control (to add some saturation for lo-fi and shoegaze sounds) and the Tweak knob (for chorus or vibrato on the echoed signal, as well as Lo Pass and Hi Pass Filters).

Dynamic Expression, meanwhile, allows the user to control how Silver Lake reacts, in real time, with his picking attack.

Everything the player needs to create a reverb tone is right on the front panel, so no scrolling through menus or external programming is required. The unit is also fully programmable. Reverb patches cab be saved and recalled using onboard buttons or via a MIDI. With 128 presets as well as MIDI In and Through, the Silver Lake is well equipped. It also features stereo ins and outs, making it compatible with a wide array of live and is powered by a 24-bit/48kHz digital engine. Silver Lake also comes with a micro-USB port so it can connect to the manufacturer’s Updater/Librarian software.


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