Soar Valley does Samba

Soar Valley does Samba

Percussion specialist Soar Valley Music has introduced a range of Brazilian made Samba drums – the ‘Light’ series from the manufacturers of the Contemporânea brand.

Popular with music classrooms and community Samba bands alike, Contemporânea Samba drums have a reputation for quality and sturdiness; essential for being played and paraded through the streets at carnival time, Soar Valley says.

‘The new ‘Light’ drums have the added bonus of lightweight construction, yet retain a professional quality of build, making them ideal for primary school children, as well as perfect for Samba bands on a budget looking to extend or replace their inventories.’

The ‘Light’ range succeeds the ‘Ginga’ range from Contemporânea and is placed in the same price bracket: ‘… ensuring that U.K schools and bands can continue to buy Samba gear at a sensible price and retailers can make good margins.’


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