Sound Tech debuts Nord Piano 4

Sound Tech debuts Nord Piano 4

Sound Technology has announced the introduction of the Nord Piano 4, the fourth generation of Nord’s Piano series, combining greatly expanded voice polyphony, a premium Triple Sensor keybed and Nord’s Virtual Hammer Action Technology.

The Nord Piano 4 also includes new performance features like Seamless Transitions, dedicated Piano Filters and Split Point Crossfades delivering: ‘…a live focused keyboard with exceptional piano feel’.

Available this summer, the Swedish made Nord Piano 4 features an 88-note Triple Sensor keybed (A-C) with grand weighted action and boasts a number of improvements over the Piano 3, including creative piano filters for accentuating softness, mid or brilliance.

Other key features include:

Seamless Transitions for smooth program changes

7 Split Points with optional Split Point crossfades

Refined Organise Mode for quickly rearranging programs

Numeric Pad Mode for direct Program access

Nord Piano 4 Program Section Angled 560

Greatly expanded polyphony (120 voices)

Creative Piano Filters

Virtual Hammer Action Technology

Factory Bank including Grands, Uprights, Electric and Digital Pianos

All sounds are replaceable

512 MB Memory (doubled from Piano 3)

Greatly extended Polyphony

All sounds are replaceable


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