TC Electronic reintroduces iconic TC2290 delay as a plug-in

TC Electronic reintroduces iconic TC2290 delay as a plug-in

Denmark’s TC Electronic has pulled off the improbable feat of squeezing its industry standard TC 2290 delay rack unit into a plug plug-in with a dedicated hardware interface

Pretty much go-to delay for producers and FOH engineers as well as musicians including the likes of David Gilmour, The Edge and Robben Ford, the TC 2290 became a benchmark for delay units in professional studios and live effects rigs. Due to its popularity, it had one of the longest production runs of any rack-mounted processor and since its discontinuation in 2005 has become highly sought after on the vintage market.

TC says the newcomer, the TC2290-DT: ‘aims to take up the sonic mantle of the original 2290 while radically reinventing the delay unit for a new generation of musicians, producers and engineers’.

Because we still have the original blueprints, we’ve been able to rework the 2290 from the ground up,’ says Thomas Valter, Director of Product Management at TC Electronic. ‘It retains the beautiful and dynamic modulated delays of the original, and fuses the pluses of plug-in technology with all the benefits of having a tactile control unit at your fingertips.’

Over the course of more than a year, a team of engineers at TC Electronic took apart four original units, each with their own distinct character, and measured their components from top to bottom. By cross referencing the data step-by-step with the original schematics, the engineers then recreated all the parameters until they achieved the unique 2290 sound, the maker claims.

‘We have put a lot of effort into making it authentic in both its tone and controls. It is undoubtedly the ultimate emulation,’ says Thomas Valter.

No UK price was available on release but in the USA, the TC2290-DT plug in with controller will retail at a suggested $349 and will be available in June.


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