I still love this place !!

I still love this place !!

Hi .

Yes I still get to hang on here …. I’m not really playing so much nowadays but still get along to open mic nights.

I still love my 2 balls – I used to have 5 – a hardtail EVH, a JP6 which was a “project” I REALLY enjoyed working on – it spurred Morbid with his lol, and a hardtail really light Albert.

I still have my MM amps too although I need to decide which of the 2 I keep as I will be moving some more stuff on over the next 18 months.

My DeLorean ? Well there is a picture I posted on another thread – take a look?

It’s still good to play EB MM guitars and I’m not going away from here anytime soon – now c’mon you “young ‘uns” spread the word !!!

All the best to you all

101 days left in work 🙂

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