Opinions on Lundgren (M) pickup

Opinions on Lundgren (M) pickup

These are EXPENSIVE.Bridge LUNDGREN m7/8 was $300 at one point , I think I saw them to for $400 even.

They’re amazing obviously, but I didn’t hear much from anyone here about them

I have one and it in the JP XI….couldn’t put it in a majesty….majesty is perfect , and I wouldn’t dare blaspheme by desecrating it’s internals, the pups are the last thing to worry about on that perfect piece

Anyway I digress (caught [ARTIC] dayDREAming lol ) …..

Anyway play the bridge position M pickup? 6/7/8 string versions?
Can’t find an EQ profile for it, anywhere. Is it scooped or what ? (High low and high, no mid)???

Lmk opinions

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