Eventide’s H90 features 10 brand-new effects and low-latency pitch shifting

Eventide’s H90 features 10 brand-new effects and low-latency pitch shifting

Eventide has announced a successor to the H9 multi-effects pedal with the H90 Harmonizer. Its major features include 10 new effects and a low-latency technology for better polyphonic pitch shifting.

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The H90 is larger than its predecessor and comes with a revised control layout. Two knobs, Select and Perform, sit on either side of a sized-up display, while the large centre dial of the original gets wholly omitted.
On top of the original’s 52 effects, there are 10 new effects to choose from. These are Polyphony, Prism Shift, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb. These range from polyphonic chord deconstruction to gigantic pitch-warped reverbs, with boundless customisation and parameter tweaking available.
This time round, you’re able to run two effects simultaneously per program. As well as this, effects can be routed in series or parallel, and there’s also a true spillover function between programs.
You can tweak these effects with three context-sensitive knobs, which correspond to parameters shown onscreen. For deeper edits, curating programs, and more, you can use the H90 Control companion software for Mac or PC.
The H90 is said to pack ARM-based architecture under the hood for its new effects, using the new SIFT (spectral instantaneous frequency tracking) technology to achieve low-latency polyphonic pitch shifting.
Eventide’s Russell Wedelich said in a statement that the H90 “is the culmination of years of creative input from the team at Eventide as well as our inspiring users. We’re excited about the music (and cool new DSP math!) made possible with this next level of DSP power, and even more excited to hear the music our customers will make.”
H90 handles instrument and line-level signals, meaning it should handle synths just as well as guitars. Ins-and-outs include a stereo/dual-mono insert, two expression inputs and CV connection. Additionally, there’s a third onboard footswitch for more performance control.
The Eventide H90 is available now at $899. Learn more at eventide.com.
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