Is Graph Tech’s new Un-Lock Nut the “future of guitar tuning”?

Is Graph Tech’s new Un-Lock Nut the “future of guitar tuning”?

Tuning issues driving you nuts? Well, Graph Tech have you covered. Thanks to the Un-Lock Nut, locking nuts may very well be a thing of the past.
Graph Tech has scrapped the Allen key in favour of a re-imagined slotting system. Designed to work with Floyd Rose-style guitars, the Un-Lock Nut works with locking tuners, and is designed to ensure precision and stability when playing – without the need to constantly twist and dismantle a locking nut system to tune yourself up.

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“Everyone loves a whammy bar, and our Black TUSQ XL, combined with this innovative design, redefines the tremolo system,” founder Dave Dunwoodie comments. “It maintains tuning stability and offers complete access to the guitar’s machine heads.”
Much like Graph Tech’s other nuts, the piece also allows guitarists to customise each string’s height. It also boasts an enhanced string stress distribution thanks to Its extended ramps, infused with triple self-lubrication for a satisfying, friction-free glide.
The ground-breaking invention is designed to integrate seamlessly onto a standard Floyd Rose with no guitar modifications – all you need is some wood glue, a little sanding down of the sides for good measure, and you’re good to go.
Graph Tech has previously made a name for itself with its industry-standard self-lubricating nuts – and, while this invention may make its own creation obsolete, it’s proud to welcome in an entirely new era of guitar tuning.
“Locking nuts have always been a necessary evil for guitarists with a locking tremolo system. Love them or hate them, they’re essential – until now,” says Graph Tech.
“Embrace the future of guitar tuning and performance with Graph Tech’s Un-Lock Nut – a game changer in the realm of tremolo systems.”
The proposed future of guitar tuning won’t even cost you an arm or a leg, either – it’s just under $30. The Un-Lock Nut is currently offered in FR Original #2 and FR Original #3/#4 sizes, with 12” and 16” options soon to be released.
For more information, head to Graph Tech.
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