Sharika’s guitars to be displayed at the Grammy Museum

Sharika’s guitars to be displayed at the Grammy Museum

Shakira is to be honoured in an exhibition at the Grammy Museum, exploring the story of her career and showcasing her glamorous guitars.

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The showcase, titled “Shakira, Shakira: The GRAMMY Museum Experience”, will display several of her guitars, including the custom-made Gibson Firebird which was encrusted with 70,000 Swarovski black hematite crystals, which Shakira used during her 2020 Super Bowl half time show performance.
“It’s an honour to have the journey of my career displayed at the GRAMMY Museum,” says the Waka Waka singer. “These pieces are a testament to so many indelible moments that I cherish, and I’m so happy to be able to relive these memories with those who have and continue to support me as an artist.”
In addition to the Gibson axe, the exhibition will also display her Taylor guitar used for songwriting, a Fender Strat covered with pink Swarovski crystals, that Shakira played on her Oral Fixation tour in 2006 to 2006. In addition to this, Shakira’s Gold Yamaha Revstar electric guitar that was played during her 2018 El Dorado tour will also be displayed.
“Shakira is the rare superstar who has discovered a way to keep evolving as an artist while growing her expansive audience along with her,” said Jasen Emmons, Chief Curator & Vice President of Curatorial Affairs at the GRAMMY Museum. “She’s a serious student of music, and the GRAMMY Museum is excited to offer a dynamic exhibit that reflects her intelligence and artistry.”
The Shakira, Shakira: The GRAMMY Museum Experience marks Shakira’s first museum exhibit, providing visitors with fresh insights into her creative process.
For more information about the exhibit, and how to purchase tickets, you can visit
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