U2’s The Edge has seemingly switched to from tube amps to amp simulators 

U2’s The Edge has seemingly switched to from tube amps to amp simulators 

U2 guitarist The Edge could have potentially switched over from tube amps to amp simulators.
The popular Irish rock band have been playing a range of shows as part of a residency at the new Las Vegas Sphere venue. A grainy photograph taken during a performance has been shared online, and seemingly shows Universal Audio amp sims.

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Though amp sims have been around for some time now, they remain a divisive taboo. Fans of classic rock bands and musicians who have been in the industry for some time sometimes feel a slight betrayal when their tube amp-loving favourite guitarist makes the switch to something digital.
But Edge is no stranger to the digital world. The photo, as shared by Ultimate Guitar appears to show some UA sims in his effects rack, and the outlet reports he has been an early user of Fractal Audio Systems too. Edge has previously been known to be a user of tube amps such as the Vox AC30 and the Fender Tweed Combos.
A user on gear forum The Gear Page has suggested The Edge is using UA’s the Ruby, Woodrow, and Dream amp sims in the newly shared photo, and that all of his effects are running into these.
The band’s residency marks the first musical performances at the Sphere, a $2.3 billion arena consisting of a colossal spherical shape which hosts a high-resolution LED screen, immersive audio and environmental effects.

U2 have been performing their 1991 album Achtung Baby in its entirety, along with other hits from their catalogue. “Achtung Baby is the right album and Sphere is the right venue to take the live experience of music to the next level,” they said in a previous statement. “Sphere is more than just a venue, it’s a gallery and U2’s music is going to be all over the walls.”
The venue will continue to host sporting events, film screenings, and further live music too. Back in October, Kiss’s Paul Stanley shut down rumours that they would be next to play at the new venue following their End Of The Road tour.
Find out more about U2’s residency via their official website.
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