Walrus Audio’s Eons offers five flavours of fuzz

Walrus Audio’s Eons offers five flavours of fuzz

Walrus Audio has launched a new fuzz pedal: Eons. The pedal features a wide range of sounds of the fuzz variety, thanks to both a voltage adjustment knob and five different clipping arrangements.

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The Eons’ overall sound depends massively on the positions of the voltage and mode knobs. A higher voltage will offer a more open, higher-headroom sound, while starving the circuit with lower voltages will lead to spitting, gated velcro-fuzz sounds.
The mode switch, as well as changing the clipping arrangement, also introduces some subtle EQ changes. Wider adjustments to the pedal’s EQ can be made by an active two-band EQ, below the volume and gain knobs.
Eons with its multi-mode drive siblings. Image: Walrus Audio
The five available modes are as follows:

Silicon clipping
Silicon clipping with an added bass boost
Germanium clipping
LED clipping
Hard clipping silicon transistors combined with LED and Silicon soft clipping diodes. Walrus describes this mode as “the rowdiest of the modes with tons of gain: compressed, loud, and angry.”

You can hear the pedal in action with Walrus’ Pedal Play video below.

The Eons lists for $229. Find out more over at walrusaudio.com.
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