Win! A Relish Mary One worth over £2,800!

Win! A Relish Mary One worth over £2,800!

Innovative Swiss boutique luthier Relish does things a little differently to other guitar makers, and the Mary One is a perfect example of this. The core of the guitar is a lightweight machined aluminium frame, onto which the one-piece 24-fret maple neck is securely bolted. That frame is then covered by a laminate wood body in a process that Relish describes as a ‘floating sandwich’ where rubber connectors join the body together with magnets, leaving the aluminium free to vibrate and create increased resonance.

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A slavish reproduction of a 1950s design this most certainly is not, and the forward-thinking features don’t stop there. Removing the Mary One’s back also reveals Relish’s innovative pickup system – each one is mounted on a magnetic chassis with a four-pin connector, so swapping them is as easy as plugging in a new pedal. This really is
This is truly one of the most unique and innovative instruments in the world, and you could be in with a chance of winning it, simply answer the question below. We’ll even throw in a set of humbuckers in addition to the mounted P-90s so you can swap your pickups to your heart’s content.
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