A Silo and a Cutlass walk into the the octagon….

A Silo and a Cutlass walk into the the octagon….

If only one must remain, who will remain standing?

I bought a cutlass HSS last month, and it has become my holy grail guitar. I’ve owned a fairly large variety of electrics and nearly all of them have had one nitpick or another. Whether it was weight, fret buzz, fret ends, etc. I always felt like there was something holding me back from loving them. I find no such complaints with my cutlass.

Being new to the world of ebmm, I had no idea that the cutlass wasn’t their only s-type of recent times. I’ve been admiring pics of the silo and really want to try one out! Being that none seem to be in my area, I must instead rely on second hand accounts from fellow EBMM lovers to buttress my imagination. Using my familiar frame of reference – the cutlass, I would love to hear from those blessed enough to own or have tried both how
they stack against each other.

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