advice for buying used stingray

advice for buying used stingray

Hey guys,

First off, sorry if this has already been covered. I checked the search and didnt see anything. feel free to point me in the right direction if theres already something about this.

On to my post…

been playing bass for about 6 years now and finally got the opportunity to upgrade my SBMM sub to the real deal. I found an awesome deal for a used stingray on guitar center. I called the store and tried to get as much info as i could and according to them its in like new condition. I’m wary of them giving me the salesman act and am prepared for anything. It will be here on Monday. Are there any red flags to watch out for when i inspect this thing when i pick it up from the store? are there any quirks to EBMM stingrays that are abnormal from other brands like fender? thanks in advance for your replies and advice! cheers.

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