All Gotoh'd up

All Gotoh'd up

The only thing I haven’t loved about my three EBMM’s is the tuners. The Schallers I used in the past were great but these always felt sticky and kind of jerked a bit while turning. Stability wasn’t an issue, it was just frustrating while tuning. I have some Gotoh 510’s on other guitars that are my current favorite so I swapped them all out. No sacred cows in this house 😀

Early verdict is in and it’s a good one. Super smooth and as stable as ever. The model I used was SGS510Z. The holes matched the spec of the originals and dropped right in without any mods. I went with the magnum lock option because I don’t care for thumb wheel locks.

Even picked up some tortoise buttons for the Valentine to match the pickguard and give it that extra touch. And because it’s real here are some before and after pics.

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