Music Man Silhouette ltd. ed. 2007

Music Man Silhouette ltd. ed. 2007

Hello, I have a Steve Morse 4-pickup model which I love, but it has too many switches and too many pickup combinations I don’t use, lacking others that I would use, most importantly sc neck/middle and sc middle/bridge (the stratty 2 and 4 positions..). So I just discovered a Silhouette limited edition 2007 with HSH (see photo below) for sale in the same beautiful blueburst finish as my Steve Morse, and I figured if the humbuckers are/can be splitted in pos. 2 or 4, I would consider replacing my SM with this. I checked the specs for the current Silhouette HSH model here, and I see that it splits the humbuckers in pos. 2 and 4 : Silhouette | Guitars | Music Man . But the seller says that as far as he knows, his ’07 model doesn’t have this option, he says he’s never thought about it.. Does anyone here on the forum know? And apart from the pickup configuration and some design details of course, would this Silhouette otherwise be, and feel, quite similar to my Steve Morse, playing-wise..?
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