BG250 208 Volume much lower than 210

BG250 208 Volume much lower than 210

I have owned a BG250 210 for a number of years and love the amp. I recently added a BG250 208 for playing in smaller venues (the light weight is a HUGE asset for lugging gear to smaller clubs). The bass I use is an MTD Active bass with an 18 volt preamp.

On the 210 the gain and master used in combination produce great volume for every venue a working stiff would need.

The 208, although it is rated same wattage, not so much. With the gain switch set to Active, the volume is unacceptably low. I hardly get practice volume. Set to Passive (even though the bass is active), the amp is louder but I wind up with the volume on both the amp and the bass set nearly to max to keep up with the rest of the band.

Is there a solution here short of returning the BG250 208 to the store where I purchased it and finding a different brand?

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