Tonematch app, editing no go

Tonematch app, editing no go

Hi, I just purchased my first Tonematch enabled device
Hypergravity compressor pedal.
I chose it for flexibility to load tonematch presets to suit both
6 string electric guitar and
4 string solid body bass guitar,

The two prests I have tried so far appear to work just fine.
however I want to see what the tonematch app has to offer
for building a custom preset.

Before purchse I read reviews of the tonematch app on the
apple store.  Quite a few reviewers lameted that the editing
facility is not working, but I chose not to take this seriously.

Am I doing something wrong?

TC pedal USB connector, to camera connection kit, to iPad
I get a graphic showing the USB connectors, but I cannot get
past that.  Tried also

TC pedal USB connector, to Focusrite iTrack Dock USB port, to
iPad.  With this configuration I was able to import a tonematch
preset, but so far no access to editing.

• Does the pedal need a soft reset?
• Is the app broken? (I tried delete and re-install, no improvement)
• Can we expect the app to be updated soon?


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