Considering the LIII Claro Walnut

Considering the LIII Claro Walnut

So this would be a very pricey guitar – I love the walnut tops, and this edition has stainless steel frets (anyone know if any other LIII’s have stainless frets?)
My concerns are:
1. I’m 6’4″ with large hands, and I have read that the necks on the LIII’s are on the smallish side.

2. I like jumbo frets – how do the flat wide frets on the LIII compare? I like having some space to get my fingers to the side of the string for bending…

3. Not sure I’ll be a fan of the bent saddles (I hate having the height adjustment screws poking out at the top), but I imagine it’s easy enough to replace the saddles with the solid steel ones?

For LIII owners that share my initial thoughts, how are you dealing with them and is this going to be a big compromise? For $3.5K it’s a big gamble…

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