Cutlass 4-string bass: is anyone experiencing neck dive?

Cutlass 4-string bass: is anyone experiencing neck dive?

I fell in love with a Caprice… finally bought it last Friday. Brought it home, put a nice strap on it… And without even plugging it, I took it back. Before doing that, I actually tried two other straps.

Neck dive with all of them! This is the first time I am experiencing neck dive with a bass. It would have driven me totally crazy – to have to either press on the body with right elbow, or having to ‘carry it’ with left hand from the neck.

And I bought this guitar despite faulty wiring from factory which the store repaired (there was no option to turn volume down – like I said, faulty wiring).

So now, I know how to shop for a bass: put a strap on it! And then plug it in…

Caprice is not an option, so I am now looking at the cutlass. The store does not carry it, so it would have to be a custom order. Returning will not be an option without serious $$$ penalty (only with custom orders).

I would appreciate if you could let me know about your experience with cutlass – Does it neck dive?

The neck is wider than caprice, maybe it is a problem with the cutlass too?


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