Musicman Stingray Vs Reflex

Musicman Stingray Vs Reflex

Hey guys, just wanted to ask some opinions on tone feel between these guitars.

Last Saturday I played my first valentine which i really loved the feel of (and couldnt believe how thin it was) but the tone wasnt quite what I hoped for.. Then I saw a BFR stingray and thought ‘why not’ … man alive. Every position was just great, thicker neck which was just really comfy. I think I would wait for an RS to get the roasted neck over the satin feel but was very impressed, and as always a great trem.

However im aware the necks between a reflex and a stingray should be closer than say a silhouette/axis (I have both).

Also tone wise the stingray had lots of clarity and chime – does the reflex do this sort of thing or it more rock/mid focused? Pretty hard to find a reflex around in the UK so cant easily go and try one

Any and all input would be appreciated!

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