Dark Matter VERY noisy – unusable

Dark Matter VERY noisy – unusable

I have a Dark Matter and recently I’ve noticed a terrible “hum” noise if the gain is beyond 3:00. Tested my power supply, tried running with a battery, changed guitars… very high “hum” if the gain is over 3:00. Can you (or anyone) please confirm that or if mine has problems?

I’ve recorded a short video comparison between DM and MojoMojo. Even to try to reduce the noise, you can see the MojoMojo power supplied. The Dark Matter is running on battery. Check when I turn it on.
Follows the link: https://youtu.be/rGpY-NfYCYU

Can anyone post if your pedal do the same? Is my pedal faulty?
It’s unusable. Playing riffs with high gain, ok. But soloing… if I let the note sound, don’t take too much to have the noise over the note sound way before it dies.

My pedal is really unusable

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