EBMM neck care

EBMM neck care

Greetings all!

I finally bought my first EBMM and it is a JP6 Dargie Delight II and I am absolutely in love with it.

I never played a EBMM before and the neck is out of this world and I plan to keep it this way. I read the FAQ in the main site and just wanted to know when and how is a good time to refinish the neck. This is a 2009 guitar and I am the third owner so it definitely had some playing time before but I’d say the neck still feels fine but what are you guys experiences with this?

Should I do the proper maintenance beforehand and sand down a little and reapply the oil and wax or wait until I feel the neck become more rough? I’d love to hear how you guys mainting this neck silky smooth.

Thanks to you in advance!

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