Heavier string gauge on cutlass

Heavier string gauge on cutlass

Anyone put heavier gauge strings on one of these? I’m wondering how much I can go up without messing with the nut. It came with 9 for the high e, 11 for the b (ridiculous in my opinion, the tension is way too low). 16 for g. Then 26, 36, 46.

I’m pretty sure bumping up to regular gauge would be ok. So 10, 13, 17. Then the low strings are the same, so that’s fine. I’m wondering if anyone has tried medium gauge though. power slinky. 11, 14, 18, 28, 38, 48. That still seems fairly close to stock but I’m wondering if I would need to widen the slots.

I’m still working out what gauges I like for various scale lengths, but I do know I don’t like these puny high strings.

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