Just getting started. Have a question or 10…

Just getting started. Have a question or 10…

I come from very complex stereo racks, multi head setups, etc.
I am setting up a very simple rig, which seems to be more complex somehow.
Just picked up a G System to use with combos, heads, and preamps. So, I want the G system to be the heart of the system.
I am very OCD, and I am going through Laird Williams instructions for a 4cm.
So, a few questions I have not found the answers to.
My setup will be Fryette (combo/head/or preamp/power amp, etc), Silver G System.
Right now, I’m setting up a simple rig, A Super 30 and the G System.
This is a bedroom rig, small gig/jam rig that I want to make simple.
In going through the white paper, I get to page 29, and my OCD takes over because I can’t find what it states:

Turn on the Insert loop and lock it as follows:
1) Navigate to the Utility Menu (Edit>Menu>[Utility]>Enter)
2) [Insert Lock] = OFF
3) Press Edit to exit menu mode.

4) Press Edit again to enter patch edit mode.

5) [Loops]>Enter>[Insert] = ON
6) Press Edit
7) Navigate to the Utility Menu again (Edit>Menu>[Utility]>Enter)
8) [Insert Lock] = ON
9) Press Edit

Number 4. I can not find anything that says “patch edit mode”
Am I not understanding what this is? Has it gone into shorthand that I’m missing?

So, that is question 1
What I want right now is very simple. My combo, the G System, and a couple pedals in the loops for boost etc.
Should I wipe everything out first?
Do I update everything now?
I have already made a custom cable for switching channels and boost on the combo to replace the footswitch.
Never had a ground loop issue in even the most complex 20 space rack rigs, so I’m not concerned with ebtech stuff, balanced cables etc.
I just need to know what to do for initial setup, point to point wiring, and go.
When I got to page 29, and couldn’t find “patch edit mode” I unplugged it. Did I say that I’m OCD lol
Any guidance would be great.
Ive been a long time TC fan, and have just about everything they make as far as guitar stuff. But, if I can’t make this work, I might have to go with cough cough helix cough cough
But my love for TC will prevail.
Am I over thinking this?
Should I wipe the system out, and start over? I can’t find help on factory reset either.
And if I do wipe it out, do I need to update firmware and software ?
Any and all help is appreciated.

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