Majesty 2021 new colors

Majesty 2021 new colors

Mates…Serious matter…Paradigm shift…Hold on…I’m litterally shaking !

Long story short, I’m trying to gather money with my family to buy a Majesty for my 40th birthday in october.
If you search my messages on the forum I was all like “I hesitate between colors but if a quilted blue majesty was to be released I would buy it right away”.
And this morning I spat my coffee on my phone seeing those gorgeous finishes and mainly that blue quilt that I wasn’t even expecting anymore (since a sterling with a blue quilted top was released).

I have no idea how I’m gonna make it since it will probably be twice the price I was aiming for, but I found the majesty for me, can’t wait to see it hit the french ground !


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