Midi Switching my Revv Generator 120 problem.

Midi Switching my Revv Generator 120 problem.

Wow, been a while since I came over here, my G is still my favourite piece of gear and has been working flawlessly for the past 10+ years. Such a game changer.

Anyways, I have just acquired a ReVv Generator witch has midi capabilities to switch different functions. I got my G communicating with it.

The way the Revv works is you configure the amp settings then hit store and then it waits for a PC message to store it too. So the G is on a different patch than I want, then I hit the patch i want and it sends the PC message to the Revv. The amp receives it and the store button blinks to confirm. Immediately after, the amp goes to channel 4. Then I hit another patch then try loading my saved patch and it does switch to all my saved settings but for a fraction of a second and then goes to some other settings I did not choose.

I just read on here that the G sends a CC trigger before the PC message? Might be this triggering some weird behaviour on my Revv?

How could I work my problem out?

Thanks guys.


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